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Exemptions apply to the following individuals:


  • Code Enforcement Officer
  • County Tax Collector
  • Department of Business and Professional Regulation-investigators and inspectors
  • Department of Children and Family Services personnel whose duties involve:
    • Investigation of abuse, neglect, exploitation, fraud, theft, or other criminal activities
  • Department of Health personnel whose duties support:
    • The investigation of child abuse or neglect
    • Determination of benefits
    • The investigation, inspection, or prosecution of health care practitioners
  • Department of Health personnel whose duties include, or result in:
    • The determination or adjudication of eligibility for social security disability benefits
    • The investigation or prosecution of complaints filed against health care practitioners
    • The inspection of health care practitioners or health care facilities licensed by the Department of Health
  • Department of Financial Services personnel whose duties include:
    • The investigation of fraud, theft, workers’ compensation coverage requirements and compliance, other related criminal activities, or state regulatory requirement violations
  • Department of Revenue personnel or local government personnel whose duties:
    • Relate to revenue collection and enforcement or child support enforcement
    • Cultural Endowment Program Trust Fund
    • Citizen Support Organizations
    • National, Historic Landmarks (publicly owned houses)
    Emergency medical technicians or paramedics certified under chapter 401, F.S.
    Firefighter certified in compliance with s. 633.408, F.S.
    Guardian ad litem
    Human resource, labor relations, or employee relations director, assistant director, manager or assistant manager of any local government agency or water management district, whose duties include:
    • Hiring and firing employees
    • Labor contract negotiation
    • Administration
    • Other personnel-related duties
    Impaired practitioner consultants whose duties result in a determination of a person’s skill and safety to practice a licensed profession
    Inspector general or internal audit department personnel whose duties include:
    • Auditing or investigating waste, fraud, abuse, theft, exploitation, or other activities that could lead to criminal prosecution or administrative discipline
    Judge – district court of appeal, circuit court, and county court, or justice of the Florida Supreme Court
    Judicial or quasi-judicial officer:
    • General and special magistrate
    • Judge of compensation claims
    • Administrative law judge of the Division of Administrative Hearings
    • Child support enforcement hearing officer
    Juvenile probation officer, juvenile probation supervisor, detention superintendent, assistant detention superintendent, senior juvenile detention officer, juvenile detention officer supervisor, juvenile detention officer, house parent I and II, house parent supervisor, group treatment leader, group treatment leader supervisor, rehabilitation therapist, and social services counselor of the Department of Juvenile Justice.
    Law enforcement personnel including:
    • Correctional officers
    • Correctional probation officers
    • State attorney
    • Assistant state attorney
    • Statewide prosecutor
    • Assistant statewide prosecutor
    Public defenders and criminal conflict and civil regional counsel – Includes:
    • Assistant public defenders
    • Assistant criminal conflict counsel
    • Assistant civil regional counsel
    Service members who served in armed forces, reserve forces, and National Guard after 9/11/2001
    U.S. attorney or assistant attorney
    U.S. appellate judge
    U.S. district court judge
    U.S. magistrate
    Victim of sexual battery, aggravated child abuse, aggravated stalking, harassment, aggravated battery or domestic violence. 5-year exemption.